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A vision board, a mood board, a 5-10 year diagram collage, what ever you call it, we shall make one today!

As cheesy as this sounds, I am a huge Amber Scholl fan. She is our fellow Leo and YouTube sensation, who has come such a long way. With challenges she faced on a day to day basis, she soon tapped in to the power of the universe by doing one of these vision boards. Every year since she made it, she managed to cross out all the things she wanted to do, from going to Australia to reaching 1 million subbies on YouTube, she has done it all!

That served as an inspiration to me, so I actually made my own vision board out of a Styrofoam board, gift wrapping paper and some CVS printed photos (can’t forget the hand drawn articles by Le me and son). I look at it every day and so far I’ve done pretty much most of the things on there.

It’s a science really, the vision/ mood board serves as a reminder, similar to sticky notes. You look at it every day and you are bound to do what it says. Now the only way it actually works is if you put up things that you really want to accomplish. Because truth be told, I posted a few things that I actually don’t plan on doing like roller bladeing. As fun as it sounds, I can’t do that here in the hood because they roasted my a@# for attempting it one bright Wednesday morning. I know you guys are like ” why would you let people stop you, if this is what you want, you should still try it.” My point with it is that it wasn’t something I actually wanted to do, It’s just something that I thought was fun and maybe I might do it again, but for now the timing and the environment doesn’t suite the vision.

So to begin the actual process, you want to be as creative as you can be. It’s good to be inspired by what you see but do not make a replica of something that isn’t yours. If you are a very reserve type of individual you can make yours with a plain background with images of natural colors or if you are very extravagant, add as many colors or detailing as you’d like. Just make sure that it represents you.

Many vision boards are made for the upcoming year while some can go as far as 5-10 years. You choose how far into the future you wish to plan. Sometimes you might need more than one vision board to help you organize your dreams. Do not be afraid to post the most craziest things that you wish to do. If you want to one day go bungee jumping out a plan, please put it. There is no dream too big or too small that can be placed up there. It all depends on what you want to eventually do.

Lastly believe in what you post up there. You have to understand that if you don’t believe it is possible it will never happen. Many manifestation gurus go by this all the time. The Universe will give you all you desire when you put out the proper kind of energy to make it happen and that is to believe in it.

So I hope for today’s post, you’ve become inspired in some way to at least attempt to make a vision board. Let me know in the comments if you have done it before or if you are going to try it out. And like always, may Love, Light and God guide you through Life’s journey.

This is Amber Scholl’s D.I.Y. Vision (Dream) Board. Go check her out!

Dollar Tree Foam Board. Only a dollar y’all!

Dollar Tree Variety Wrapping Paper. They have so many to choose from

Dollar Tree Tacky Glue. You are deff going to need this to stick everything together.

Scotch Tape in Dollar Tree, for the impatient bunch, myself included.


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