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Spirituality. It deals with putting focus on yourself instead of material or physical things. Putting the focus on yourself. Often times we let the outside world consume our very thoughts, emotions and beliefs. We feel like we need to always work, always put people’s needs before our own and we put importance to the physical and material things in life. When we focus on all of those things, we never truly become happy. Our soul’s will crave for more of those things and we will never be satisfied with anything because these things are in relation to a bag of Lays chips. 10% chip 90% air. It’s temporary satisfaction that quickly diminishes as soon you finish consuming it. The only way to solve the soul’s cravings is by looking within. Often times, putting the focus on ourselves will lead to great findings and a deeper love for life.

How can you become more spiritual?

It has to do with retraining your mindset. If you are the type of person to not believe in this “mumbo jumbo” than please try to open your mind and heart, to accept that there is a possibility for a change in your life by looking for a deeper meaning through Spirituality. Along with that, you have to look at the brighter side of life. I am guilty of always finding the negative in negative situations. My mind was trained to only see the bad things that happen, therefore all I saw was bad things in life. Instead of saying “Damn, I dropped my bag of chips! I’m having such a bad day.” try saying “Oh snap, I dropped my chips! Well at least I didn’t trip, fall and busted my face. Thank you baby Jesus!” Doing this actually works. And that’s coming from a person who finds negativity in everything. I’ve started doing that and my perspective changed. Like I still find the situation suckish but it doesn’t affect my whole day and that’s the goal. Why make myself be upset the whole day when I could find happiness within seconds?

Next you need to meditate. There are so many people out there who swear by this. And with so many variations to choose from, you are sure to find one that works best for you. With meditation, you are training your mind to stay focused. Usually, you will put focus on your breathing and try to tune out the world around you for a set amount of time. When you come to, you realize that your mind focuses on things that you pass on every day. Like you start to notice every detail like, your wall? You’ll see the tiniest of cracks you never noticed before… well maybe that’s pushing it but, basically an awareness close to that, will soon happen and you will be more conscious. When I actually get the time to be alone, I do the standard close your eyes, cross your legs in criss cross apple sauce manner and breath, but my life has too much hustle and bustle for me to do that. Instead I write. I take 5 minutes to write my sensory thoughts. Anything that I feel emotionally, physically, mentally and I just zone out. I’ll be on the train and I tend to forget where I am or at least change my focus on the pen, paper and thoughts that comes to mind. I do this especially before going to bed. Its like emptying my mind and I awaken refreshed and more aware of things. Because I use writing as a form of meditation, I become aware of certain thought processes that I like and don’t like. I’ve become more appreciative to the things around like the colors of nature or textures of soft blankets. You definitely have to find your most convenient form of meditation to get good results

What I’ve done to become Spiritual

First, I had to look within myself and of course online, to find an answer to what is Spirituality. I needed something that resonated with my views and I feel that the statement in the very beginning of this article definitely sets the tone to how I think of it. I usually see when people seek Spirituality, they turn to finding a deeper connection to their diety, but for me, I feel that Spirituality has to be seperate from religion. I do not believe in any one religion because I dont like how most of them force you to comform to what they view as the way of life. But don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe there’s a God. A God who loves strongly, but His mercy is stronger. I also believe in the Universe. I believe that what ever energy you give off, you recieve. Though I really just wanted to connect solely with what I am meant to do in this life time. I didn’t know what my passions were, I didn’t know how to classify myself and I felt so down and depressed about it because I knew I was meant to do more. So what I did and still do now is read books, watch videos, connect with people who share like minds and meditate/write. Even this website is a form of meditation for me. It holds all that I’ve learn and still learn and allows me to express thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals. And with learning and practicing Spirituality, I’ve come to understand what my passions are and how to implement them accordingly.

Finding Spiritually can be hard because you tend to relapse into negative thoughts towards it and towards yourself. You’d think the process is always positive and mind opening, but sometimes you actually get stuck in a fog and start to get upset about not finding true happiness. I’ve come to learn it’s not about you being perfect but rather being consistent. That is the only way you learn about yourself. The goal is to grow, to manifest into a being that you always wanted to be.  Therefore, never criticize yourself as such. I will end today’s post with an inspiring quote on the topic of spirituality:

Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.”- Pintrest @stacir1972


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