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During the month of June, my friend and I made the decision to go on a Spiritual cleanse. A Spiritual cleanse is basically trying to “clean” or remove any blocks that may hinder one from getting in tuned with the higher version of themselves. I had eliminated alcohol, did cleansing rituals, made sure that most of the time my room was kept tidy and of course, made the extra effort to re-train my mind to avoid seeing life in the negative.

I felt like it was crucial to partake in this cleanse because, even though I was trying to implicate practices of Spiritual awakening, I found myself in moments of analysis paralysis. My friend suggested the idea to do this. and I wanted to know what I had to do for a Spiritual cleanse. I went online and found that people do it differently. Some go to exotic rural places far from the city life, no phones and a strict diet of natural herbs, roots, and plants. Others follow a lean diet, smudge, meditate for prolonged periods of time and reflect. I’ve taken a bit from everything and implicated it into my own. Of course, you are more than welcomed to try it out. For all the other things that I learned, it will be linked below. What ever you guys choose to try out, let me know below in the comments section 🙂


For the beginning portion of the month I made sure to clean my sanctuary (room). I truly believe the power of Feng Sui and took it upon myself to dispose of the things I didn’t want or used and organized everything that I did. I tried and continue to try to keep it clean, but being the human being that I am, sometimes I let a messy room rock for a couple of days. Of course, it is crucial for the room to be cleaned during times of creativity. It enhances the flow of energy to your being and plus being organized helps you to stay focused on the important stuff as well.

Once I was satisfied with the arrangement of things, and if the night was a full moon, I headed straight to the bathroom and prepared the bath. I had made sure the room was clean and filled the tub with water and bath salts. I read online that this was used as a way to cleanse the body and soul for many years. Make sure you’re at ease, have privacy and do this once a month. It is more effective during a full moon just because since full moons naturally have an affect on emotions and spiritual well being, the cleanse will be more prominent during this time.

*self explanatory but linked the full moon release video. Awesome stuff from You Tuber Melanie Santos. Please be careful in doing this, I nearly burned my house down for not putting the paper in the pot.

I returned to my sanctuary and began to write for 5 minutes. I wrote a list of all the things that I wanted to release (full moon only)*. Any other time, I would reflect on the day, wrote out my wish to the universe or prepared the following weeks post. This is a form of meditation for me. It helps to reflect on how you handle day to day situations.

During the time that I was in my sanctuary, I had candles lit. The candles I used were from dollar tree and were specific to awakening a certain Chakra. I wanted to have them all but the Dollar Trees near me are never fully stocked so I just made due with the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakra candles. Before going to bed, I also got a candle from Dollar Tree that was for sleeping. I wanted to remain at ease even when I wasn’t awake. These candles are best when lit for meditation. It opens your senses and have a wonderful scent to them.

The Power of “NO”,

Every day, I practiced the Power of “No” and tried new things that I wouldn’t normally do. I’d say no to my managers at work and I’d say yes to going to the park to connect with nature. With this and a bit of push from longtime friend (who I consider my sister) I managed to face certain fears. I heard of a saying from a YouTuber, can’t remember her name but she stated that if you try at least one new thing everyday, you are bound to find something you like. So why not try it!

I practiced gratitude every day at least once. I’d look at the things around me and wholeheartedly thank the Universe and God for allowing me to have those things or to have this life. There are people who are less fortunate than I am or those who do not get to see life at my age and I am so grateful that I can get to experience this. If you feel like there isn’t something to be grateful for, try asking trusted friends and family. They may see things in a light that you don’t see at the moment.

Vision Board

I made a Conscious and Unconscious effort to complete the things in my vision board. In the beginning I had to tell myself “okay today we are going to drink more water. Eventually things in my vision board were happening without me noticing such as reading. I’ve been reading so much now. I read books, articles, even the captions on Instagram post xD Making the vision board was a big part of this as well. It is all about putting the intention out there and eventually it manifests its self when you look at it everyday.

I try to limit my use on social media. I used it but I made the Conscious effort to try not overusing it. I’m not going to lie, this one was a tough one because I did begin using it more lately. But I always tell myself to avoid using it if I can. Like my train rides to and from work is used for writing. Sometimes I get a message from my socials and I tend to get distracted from it. I eventually notice and revert me attention to writing. I’ll play music to distract me from the outside noise and only use my phone thereafter for research. I wouldn’t be upset at myself if I fail to do so, I just keep trying and feel a sense of pride when I do it.

I began networking and created new friends. This one was a tough one for me because I am very picky with people who I become friends with. I don’t trust easily but the universe has brought to me two wonderful females who showed me that one, it’s okay to trust, be opened about yourself because you might end up finding people who are just like you and even better and two don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want. Even if the situation is bleak, still go for it. I network by just talking about interests of my own, try to find the person’s interest and go from there. Usually when you place the focus on the individual a light brightens in their eyes and they tend to continue the convo.

I almost forgot the first thing I did was drop alcohol. I wasn’t addicted but I did drink a lot. I kept seeing work as torture and most of the people there annoyed me. The only way I knew to tolerate them was through drinking. This cleanse helped me learn how to see stressers in a different light. Instead of drinking, I’d breath write, express gratitude and change my vocabulary. Instead of me saying ” I have to go to work,” I say ” I get to go to work.” It puts a positive spin on it and I noticed work got a little better when I did.

This cleanse was to help me continue the year with a more positive out look versus how I saw it during the beginning of the year. You can try them out yourself if you’d like and let me know what worked best with you. Remember, cleansing is just the extra effort to get your mind back into focus on positivity and manifesting the life you want to live.

May Light, Love and God guide you to Happiness.

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