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Amazing how I feel such a connection with a children’s book! I received this in my last choir performance by my music teacher. I didn’t understand at that time what the book was telling me because I had yet to experience life it self, plus Dr. Seuss had his own lingo that just now started making sense to me.

I didn’t get the whole bang-ups and hang-ups or being left in a Lurch or what was the Waiting Place and why it was bad until I had my experiences with it.  Taking time off from school and trying to find my place in this world got too much and I tell you, I would constantly think things would go as planned to than have it quickly go wrong. I thought maybe I should wait it out and see what it is I’m meant to do with life and eventually it’ll piece itself together. I waited a while with nothing in return. Nothing was satisfactory and I became depressed and disappointed in the fact I wasn’t doing anything. It also didn’t help that family would get on my case for not going to college after high school. Then one day, as I was rummaging through all my high school stuff, getting rid of everything that seemed useless, like old music papers, math worksheets, certificate awards, etc. I find this book and I decided to read it again. The colors drew me in (or maybe I just needed an excuse to stop cleaning ‘cus I’m low key lazy) This time around, the imagery and the wording all related to what I was going through. And till this day I feel this book helped me realize that what I am going through is part of life, it’s not forever if I don’t allow it to. I have to keep pushing on, I have to be “dexterous and deft” in order to see success “98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.” It basically explained the law of manifestation in a way that it was easy to understand.

A book suitable for all ages. Give it a try and let me know what y’all think of it. I’ll link below where you can get the audio book as well as physical copies. And who knows, you out there stuck on a Lurch, might finally come down to understand that “Life is just a great balancing act”

Check out the Physical copy here at RandomHouse, Inc and only for $10.99!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Read & Listen Edition, Dr. Seuss Just 10.99 folks!


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