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The Personality Number showcases the characteristics that you give off and what others may see from you. This number doesn’t speak on who you really are, but rather the persona you give off to others. Using the Pythagorean Numerology chart from Expression Numbers post, you can search the numbers of all the consonant letters from your full birth name, add and simplify to a single digit and you’ll find your personality number.

Like always, if you stumble upon any Master Numbers such as: 11, 22, 33, leave them be. Just add them as they are and reduce numbers when possible.

As for the letter Y, it is kind of confusing because you have to determine whether the Y should be classified as a vowel or as a consonant. Seventh Life Path has simplified it well for you to determine where it should fall.

Why Use Consonants?

When you pronounce consonants, you use harsh sounds, where as with vowels, the letters are more free flowing and natural. Since we are speaking of the outer you, this side is more of the ridgid side that you have created for the public. It may or may not align with your life path number, and that is okay. It gives roundness and uniqueness to your character. Let’s jump right into the calculations!

How It’s Done

Let’s pull out all the consonants from my name, give them numerical values  and add accordingly:

Elizabeth Casanova

First Name

L= 3 ——————

Z= 8 ——————

B= 2 ——————————-   3+8+2+2+8 = 23 => 2+3= 5 

T= 2 ——————

H= 8 ——————

Last Name 

C= 3 ——————

S= 1 ——————

N= 5 —————————–3+1+5+4 = 13 => 1+3= 4

V= 4 ——————

Add both first and last name #’s —————- 5+4= {9}

My Personality Number is 9

Okay we now the the number and how to find it, let us look into the meanings behind each number

Personality Number MeaningImage result for bold number 1

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: You give off the air of goal-oriented, resolute,influential and have this natural knack to take control of things around you.

AVOID: Self-absorbed, aggressive and uncongenial

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: You are loyal, loving, dependable, respected and humble

AVOID: being fooled easily and wishy-washy

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: inventive, people-oriented, funny, and alluring

AVOID: being over the topic and frivolous

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Dependable, well-balanced, undeviating, coordinated, productive

AVOID: Becoming stingy, predictive, and appearing to be somber

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Bold, interesting, ardent, amusing, free-willed

AVOID: Seeming detached from reality and one-dimensional

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Kind, benevolent, nurturing, generous, supportive

AVOID: People-pleasing, because in turn, you will be taken advantage of.

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Covert, loner, air of mystery to them, self- sufficient and intellectual

AVOID: Being overly assertive and cocky

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Robust, determined, have a competitive drive, proficient and self-assured

AVOID: Becoming too self-absorbed that you end up becoming a narcissist and selfish

WHAT PEOPLE SEE: Charming, courtly, well-able to handle their surroundings, conclusive and visionary thinkers

AVOID: Becoming too presumptuous and viewing people below you.


11, 22, and 33 are just the amplified versions of 2,4 and 6. Look under the meanings for those numbers and know that with the master numbers, you give off the aura of the number, but more intensified. That also means that with the section in where you must avoid certain characteristics, you are more likely to express those. Just be mindful and follow along with your true intentions.

Share Your Numbers!

Now that you know all there is to know about personality numbers, go on and share yours down in the comment section below. Do you agree and resonate with the numbers? If not come come?

Thank you for taking the time to view my posts and like always, may light, love and God guide you through your life’s journey.



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