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On a technicality, this number is considered the least important number in your core chart, holding up to 10% of importance, but it tells you so much about your natural gifts (that you have in this lifetime) and how to take advantage of it to live well and fulfilled.

This number never changes because it is based on the day that you were born.

How to Calculate

Literally just look at the calendar day that you were born on… that’s it! lol

Every number in the calendar (1-31) has a significant meaning. With Numerology, all numbers relate back to the single digit. But for this particular calculation, you get to hold on to the double digits, because both digit’s frequency play a role in your gifts and natural hidden abilities.


April 8th, 1983 

Birthday Number is 8.

“An attraction for material abundance is a large part of the energy represented by the birth day number 8. To that end, the energy brings a resonance with ambition, practicality, organizational and management skills, and business acumen. The approach to business can be seen as original, creative, and daring by others, yet can pay off well.

If you’d like to find out your Birthday Number, check out the Birthday Numerology Calculator down below (God bless you ?):

All in all, even though this number isn’t as prominent as the other core numbers in one’s chart, we definitely benefit from knowing its vibrational frequency. You can tell what hidden talents an individual may hold just by looking at the day they were born on.

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