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Numerology: “It’s the belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or coinciding events…”- Wikipedia.

Oooor better said, Numerology is a blueprint of what life is predetermined to be. These numeric discoveries do not set in stone what your life is meant to be, but rather show you what your actions or actions that you could take would lead up to. It’s a good idea to look into Numerology, especially if you are stuck in life and need a bit of direction, just because it’s close to accurate.It’s just a great way to get to know yourself better in an unorthodox way. And before we go further into any details on how to practice Numerology, I need to put out there that I am not professional, but I am a human being that wants to help other humans by using my own experiences with finding a new home within myself. Okay, so we cool? Cool xD

Every person’s chart or basically numerical make up, has 5 core numbers. These numbers are reduced to form the numbers 1-9 with definitions based on the types of vibrations the numbers give off. They help describe who you are, how people view you, what it is that your soul desires to do, qualities and quirks that you may have and much more. These numbers are labeled as:

Life Path:

Shows you your trials and tribulations, what you are meant to be and challenges you may face along the way.

Destiny Number:

Tells you how you are going to go about the process in finding your path.


The initial impression people get from you.

Heart’s Desire:

Your inner most desires, soul’s urges, things that you secretly want.

and lastly Birth Day (not to confuse it with birth date!):

You delve more into your emotions and gifts that you have to learn in this life time

Each number is calculated in its own way and since its so much, I will have to break these core numbers into sections with thorough definitions/ methods to calculate and all the other good stuff in the next few posts.

You can also utilize this here Numerology calculator to get your core numbers, courtesy of Affinity Numerology:

Background Info on Numerology

When exactly Numerology was discovered is a mystery but evidence show that is was practiced thousands of years ago in areas of China, Japan  Greece, Egypt and Rome. But of course Numerology, that we know of today, is given credit to Grecian philosopher, Pythagoras. He didn’t create the idea of numerology but rather expanded it with his theories. He believed that numbers helped with understanding the universe as a whole by viewing numbers and coinciding events. The metaphysical science lost its momentum in popularity in the 1800’s where Dr. Julia Stenton actually gave the name “Numerology”. Of course the study of this particular field in science is seen as a fad, where the interest in studying it comes and goes. Now it’s studied to predict the future and finding meanings from the universe. If you are crazy to learn more on how it was studied back thousands of years ago, check out this link below where normal people answer the most common questions about numerology. They also present links to back up the information they presented (don’t worry, I risked it and checked the links out. They are virus free 🙂 But I hope the general information that I gave you helped you better understand Numerology and maybe convinced you to give it a go.

May love, light and God guide you through your own journey in finding a new home within you. I hope to see from y’all soon! <3


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