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Often times, when I mention Shadow Work, people look at me a bit shookth, like: “sis, is you really talking right now about the Devil’s work?” Lol. But it has nothing to do with that. People often times drag it for it’s name but it is actually just the study of repressed emotions that are deemed bad and have been discouraged by society. Those trapped feels turn to Ego and what Shadow work does is tap into the Ego to find where and why it was created.

People’s fear of getting into this work makes sense. They purposely tried to bury shit they didn’t like, deep into the subconscious to mold themselves to something completely different and acceptable for society. But, in doing so, failed relationships and the inability to go beyond surface level connections manifest. The Ego eventually become too big in the subconscious mind and starts making it’s appearance in the Conscious through projections. Some people walk around unaware of the effects that the Ego has in their life. Shit is wild! They project their insecurities unto others and never take accountability for their actions, because they feel as though they done nothing wrong. The Ego is rather blinding when it takes the front seat. And I say this with personal experience to back it up.

I didn’t realize how fucked up I was to others. I embodied Shadow Archetypes that made me believe everyone was out to get me, gave me a victim menality, and held hidden resentment because I gave my own power away. I relied heavily on outside validation (I still somewhat rely on it; God is still working on me tho). I repressed how I felt because I was taught that feelings weren’t valid, a form of weakness and interfered with judgement. And I was blinded by my own actions having an affect on others.

I wouldn’t have discovered this without taking the time to look within and actually see where I was messing up. It made a world of a difference. My relationships have grown more deeply and I feel like I’m tapping into who I really am. I no longer need to wear a mask just to make people feel comfortable around me all the time. I’m living more in my truth.

Now this isn’t to say that I fully got to a point in which I no longer project or have Ego. This is to tell that as I continue my journey, I’ve managed to learned so much, healed many things and I’ve notice a healthy difference from me before vs me now. I want y’all to understand that I only speak on things that I’ve done myself, researched or something I feel is communicated to me from Spirit that needs to be communicated to the collective. I feel that as I learn shadow work, partake in the actual practices and see it’s effect, this is something that I should share. Not because this is a cookie cutter way to help you achieve oneness but to show you that it is okay to dive deep within. That it is okay that sometimes you did sucky things. You did what you had to do by living in survival mode to get through tough times. Cuz shiiiit there are no pamphlets that tells you where to go, what to expect and how to handle shit. Like yeah Spirit gives hints here and there but we have to figure shit out on our own! And if at the moment you felt that that was the way to get you through what you went through, then so be it. Life is fucking HAAAAARD and you shouldn’t be afraid to admit that you done some fucked shit. It happens, it’s okay ❤❤❤. Now you have to realize what aspects of yourself was toxic, realize that you passed through that hardship and that you must inner stand that these old methods that you adopted no longer serve you in the higher time line. It will continue to affect your relationships and potential opportunities. That’s where shadow work comes in.

Because the concept of Shadow Work can be deep and intense, I need to break it into multiple sections. This here is an introduction to what it is and how I feel it’s affected my overall life. If you ready to dive deep, remember it could be dark, but you are a being of light. Sometimes the things hidden in the Shadows can be a bit scary just because you don’t know what it is. Once you shine light into it, you can see that it wasn’t really scary, it was always just you.

in the next posts I’ll discuss in depth of shadow work techniques, spiritual tools and even present some freebies to help with the process in connecting with self.

And like always may Love, Light and God guide you back home to self.


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