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Just because Thanksgiving is over, It doesn’t mean we stop giving thanks. I find today’s tutorial to be very appropriate in helping you guys to start a tradition with gratitude jars. This jar will be filled with all the blessings you’ve had throughout the year and on Thanksgiving day, you can read them off, one by one, and see what wonderful things God and the Universe have given you.

*Just like many of you, I like to save moneys, #boujeeonabudget, so all products will be used from Dollar Tree and things I already own.

If you haven’t yet, go check out my latest article What Is Gratitude And Why It Is Important? I go in depth about the positive benefits in being thankful. Aaaaalright, let’s jump in!

Gather Materials Needed:


Gather Material

⦁ Jar (duh) What I chose / You’re options

⦁ Marker & pen (preferably Sharpie/permanent) Sharpie

⦁ 4in x 6in (or smaller) notes paper What I used / You’re options

⦁ Stickers, decals, glitter, anything crafty Options, options, and more options

Use Your Imagination For Creation


This part of making your jar, is completely up to you. You can go online and get inspo from places such, as Pinterest.

What I like to do is to place a gratitude quote in the very front, that way every day I look at the jar, I become inspired to be thankful. But definitely go crazy with the sharpie and glitter glue.

*Sharpie is best for writing on the glass jar. I’ve tried other “permanent” branded markers from Dollar Tree and it doesn’t do the job the same way as a good ol’ Sharpie.

Setting Up Thankful Cards P.O.E.T. Style


This part is where I want to focus on the most for this tutorial, because often times, people get stuck in the moment trying to find something to be thankful for. Thankfully for, I learned a technique called P.O.E.T.

She explains that people typically categories gratitude in 4 place. They are:

P: people

O: opportunities

E: experience

T: things

With the note paper, we will pre-write P.O.E.T. that way when it is time to write, you focus on what you are grateful for. Plus it’ll be aesthetically pleasing to have it organized as such.

After you fill out the paper with your blessings, you can roll/ fold them as small as you can. You will be putting 365 of these things each year, so all the space you can make will benefit you in the long run.

For those of you who can’t seem to find anything to be thankful for, this style of writing will be very helpful. You don’t have to fill out every section, just fill something in everyday.


Be Consistent!

It’s not enough to do it every other day, one day, no days. You should aim for at least once a day. If you can do more than once a day than you are a gangster and will see results in your mood and environment quickly.

Also a P.S.A. don’t make this a chore. Don’t feel like you have to do this. You won’t really feel happy and thankful if you just say things just to fill out a page for the day. You are human, you’ll forget a day, you may feel down, things happen. Just be true to yourself, to your happiness and I assure you, you’ll attract good things.

Share Your Jars!

I’d love to see what creative jars you all create. Please post and tag me via Instagram @house_of_novas. I’ll share the first 10 tags on my page.

And on the topic of sharing, share these jars with friends and family members for Christmas. Make a jar as a gift. (It’ll be more special being made by you, plus it’s hella cheaper )

Like always may Light, Love and God guide you through your Life’s journey.


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