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Did you know that your date of birth and full birth name can disclose the deep secrets kept in the subconscious mind? Let me introduce Shadow Numbers, the more in-depth part of Numerology.

To celebrate the holidays, I’m offering my services this November 27th, 2020 by providing insight on the Shadow Self using Numerology. Calculations for Life Path, Soul Urge Numbers and showing the correlation of Carl Jung’s Shadow Archetypes, will all be held in this reading. This is beneficial for those doing Shadow Work and aren’t sure which archetype they fall in. Being self aware of certain behaviors and fully owning them can enrich relationships and help you find your authentic self.


This shouldn’t be used to replace a medical professionals advice and should be taken with a grain of salt. You may not resonate with the numerical definitions due to many outside factors such as cultural upbringing etc. This is simply to state that the numbers found within one’s chart depict potential habits that that one may fall into. And I must stress that one must look into an individual’s FULL chart to have a deeper understanding of said individual’s subconscious self. Also only you can truly know what is happening within yourself. You just have to muster the courage to look and actually put the work in. 

To sign up for this, please use this link HERE to provide the necessary information for your free reading.

If you wish to read about Numerology and find your own Core Numbers, check out this post!

Thank you for trusting in me to curate your chart. Your feedback afterwards is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Like always, may Love, Light and God guide you back home to self.


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