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I’m back with another core number known as the Destiny or Expression number. If you haven’t read on the latest Numerology article for life path numbers, I suggest you check that out here ->

Life Path Numbers | 1-3

What is an Expression Number?

This is one of the 5 core numbers in Pythagorean Numerology. It deals with giving a numerical value to your name. This will tell you how you will go about the process in finding your path in life. The chart below shows what letters in the alphabet correlate with what numbers.

To find your Expression/ Destiny Number, you must assign a number to each letter to your whole birth name. That’s including First, middle (IF you have one) and last name. If you have some kind of suffix like jr, senior, the ||, you do not calculate this.




5 3 9 8 1 2 5 2 8 3 1 1 1 5 6 4 1

Add the Numbers

For each name, you want to add the numbers separately and reduce the answer to a single digit. It is similar to how you calculate a Life Path Number.

P.s. If you so happen to run into a master number: 11, 22, and 33, you do not reduce it any further. You leave it as is.



5+3+9+8+1+2+5+2+8= 43 -> 4+3= 7


3+1+1+1+5+6+4+1= 22


Add all the reduced number and if needed, reduce again.

7+22= 29 -> 2+9= 11/2 [Expression Number]


Great! You got your number now lets see what your process is all about. Some definitions are quite similar to a life path number but with a few tweaks.


Expression 1

The ideal leader, independent, true individualist, risk- taker, highly ambitious and passion. They are very confident and sometimes too overly opinionated. They can come across as harsh to their partners and friends because they lack perfection. Holding high standards all the time can lead to disappointment and frustration. Learning patience and balance is the key to success. Only makes sense since Expression 1’s are meant to live a courageous life in a leadership role.


Expression 2

Very intuitive, sensitive, great problem solvers and empathetic. Natural gift for understanding relationships and human connections, but can be easily thrown off by negative people or situations. They must avoid letting events and people have an effect of their emotions, if not, they may become bitter and depressive. Despite that you are destined to socialized and be surrounded by others.


Expression 3

Creative nature, uplifting, healing, gifted in communication and pure optimistic energy describe Expression number 3. If they become unaligned, they are prone to becoming cynical, irresponsible and lose focus on projects because of lack of discipline. Because they excel in communication and public speaking, they are meant to inspire and motivate others to become their very best in a creative manner.


Expression 4

The grounded, methodical and practical. They posses great organizational skills, they are reliable and extremely loyal. They are known for their work ethics, high morals’ ans integrity. As the bedrock to any family or business, they are valuable and can leave an impact on the lives of those around them. Though, they should avoid being too stubborn and rigid. Obsessing over the smallest of things and lack of risk- taking can hinder Expression number 4’s growth. So it is important to stay opened to new ideas and forgive themselves and others when things do not play out to perfection.


Expression 5

Represents love of freedom, adaptability and constant change. This number often times find itself living life through the physical senses which easily gets bored and seeks for new and constant stimulation. Its important to develop routine in order to finish products and keep a steady job. Another number known for their communication skills, which must be used to share your stories about life and inspire people to live life to the fullest.


Expression 6

Honest and loving people, always putting the needs of others before themselves. They are the natural healers and counselors of the Universe. Very much like Life Path 6, they are nurturing and enjoy helping others. And just like the negative aspect of Life Path 6, the run the risk of becoming too overly protective, meddling and lack the understanding of giving people some personal space. With healthy boundaries Expression number 6 can live their lives helping others without taking on too much baggage and without being too involved.


Expression 7

They are inquisitive, highly analytical minds, and the ultimate knowledge seekers. They are most likely introvert because they need space to focus on research. They are into spirituality and that metaphysical than the materialistic world, but if the need arises, they can become realistic when making decisions. They must try not to be too critical towards those who do not think like them. Meditation can help with this by making them more peaceful.


Expression 8

Competitive, hardworking, determined, and disciplined. Expression Number 8 are destined to be successful in life. They do not like working for anyone but themselves, which makes sense because they posses an entrepreneurial mind. They can appear to be insensitive to their family and friends and must avoid becoming stubborn and intolerant of others. They possess the ability to change the lives of many by using their abundance.


Expression 9

Their sole purpose is to make the world a better place. They are idealistic, humanitarians and visionaries. They possess magnetic personalities which gives them the ability to inspire others to help them achieve the greater good. They must be careful to not crave validation from others for the work they do. Also, they must look out to not be taken advantage of by people who do not see the world like they do. They are meant to grow spiritually and help those around you.


Master Numbers 11, 22, 33

They just resonate a bit more for their reduced numbers, so basically the definitions are mostly the same and would be redundant to repeat.

11-> 2

22-> 4

33-> 6


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