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EMPATHY is understanding the idea of someone else’s thoughts and feelings. This form of knowing can be broken down to 3 types of empathy. Check out Inc.’s full article thoroughly detailing the difference here. But to break it down quickly, we have Cognitive, Emotional and Compassionate Empathy.

Cognitive Empathy

Deals with understanding how another person is feeling and what they may be thinking.

Emotional Empathy

You feel the person’s actual feelings. The feelings are shared as a “Pain in the chest”

Compassionate Empathy

It turns to be more than just understanding the person’s emotions; you actually become so moved you would want to take action and help the individual out.

An individual can feel all three, but it all derives from the idea that you only can imagine what the individual is going through. It’s a way to relate to the individual and not have gone through the experience yourself.


According to to, an Empath can flex all three forms of empathy naturally, but these forms of empathy can be felt mentally, emotionally or even physically. Empaths carry the burden of being emotional sponges. They can feel what others feel to the point where sometimes they can’t differentiate whether those emotions are of others or their own. Only Empaths who’ve come to understand their gifts can truly feel the emotion in passing and act accordingly.

Those who posses the Empathic gift share similar characteristics all around.

They can be:

  •  Introverts or at least a majority of them are. Those who are not tend to limit their time they spend with people.
  • Need tons of alone time.
  • Have a deep sense of knowing what may play out in any situation.
  • Nature is their haven and place to recharge.
  • Have the tendency to attract energy vampires.
  • Always trying to save people who are in distress.
  • Easily drained by big crowds and negative people.
  • Random people naturally just tell them about their life stories and what-nots.
  • They listen to these random story tellings and do it very well.

How Can You Tell If You’re An Empath or Just Empathetic?

Check out this images video here!

The way you can truly know is by asking yourself how does someone else’s emotions feel to me? Do you feel bad or sad for the individual or do you feel within yourself as if the emotion is your own? Do you imagine how the person’s physical pain may feel? Or do you actually feel skin deep the pains and are moved by it? If within these questions, you actually embody the emotion, you feel the feelings as yours, than you’re very much likely to be an Empath.

A good book to introduce you into the world of Empaths, definitely would be Awakened Empath (audio starting at $14.99)

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If you are empathetic, you tend to “feel” bad for people, places and/or things. It’s due to the fact that you put yourself in the person’s shoes. You imagine what it would feel like to go through what that person goes through and sometimes you may be driven to help out the person. In order for you to determine what the person may be feeling and or thinking, you need to develop a form of emotional intelligence.

If you are looking for a book that can help enhance your emotional intelligence, definitely check out: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

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Don’t have time to read the book? How about having some one read to you with the Emotional Intelligence Audio?

After today’s post, who do you think you are? An Empath or Empathetic?

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May Light, Love and God guide you through your journey of self discovery



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