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In order to manifest the dream career you always wanted (especially after setting your intentions in your manifestation journals) you need to get your resume up to par!

But alas! You are probably here because you are stuck on how to make one that is effective. You either have little to no experience, have big gaps in between jobs or overall just want to make the resume you have to be the most efficient possible.

Before learning from hiring managers (BTW thanks Phipps), I would go online to find the best resume building sites. The problem with many is that they either required signing up (my email was already bombarded as is with junk mail from survey sites) or they asked for money (which I didn’t have. Hence, the need for an effective resume). I eventually developed these helpful tools to get me through the resume-building-process and I will share my findings here with you, for FREE! So let’s begin.

Google is Your Friend

@Google Docs

Google not only have a plethora of blogs with resume building tools, Google itself has a resume building application! Homed in Google Docs templates, you get 5 designs to choose from. You can go from very simple to creative. They have preset headings, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Now the challenge lies in what to write.

Resume Syntax

The words you choose to use, their arrangement and descriptiveness are crucial to a resume. Think of a resume as an advertisement about YOU. At the end of the day, you are trying to sell to your potential employer, your services. Let’s begin with the heading.


Obviously you want to make sure that your name is in the top with your contact information. What you don’t see in the image above is an address. I was taught by a hiring manager in Montefiore, that putting your address in a resume can be quite detrimental just because some employers will see how far you live from the company. If you live far, they will automatically think that you will have difficulties with transportation, which in turn will make you late and can be a waste of money and time for them. You don’t need that section anyways, because communication is done now through the phone or via email.


Secondly, make sure when you fill in your email, you have a professional one with your name on it. won’t do much for you other than make the people seeing your stuff laugh. Something simple like will do just fine. It has your name which will help employers to know who they are sending messages to.

Phone Number

And lastly, which should be common sense, but please make sure you are inputting a working phone number on your resume. Employers have told me that people would put inactive numbers on their resumes and it would be a shame because now that person lost the opportunity of getting an interview. If currently you do not have a working phone, ask someone to borrow their number and let you know when a hiring manager has called for you. Make sure the person you ask is reliable and also has their phone active.

Skills and Certifications

Skills come in two sections: Soft and Hard. Above I give a few words that you can freely used to fill up this section, but please make sure you actually possess these skills. Nothing worse than getting fired for lying on your resume.

I have a list where you can find what fits you best:

Hard/ Software Skills (Can be proven with certifications, can be taught and measured)

⦁ Proficiency in a foreign language

⦁ Certification / Special Training

⦁ Typing Speed

⦁ Machine Operation

⦁ Computer Programming

⦁ Storage Systems and Management

⦁ Network and Information Systems

⦁ Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote, and Visto

⦁ QuickBooks (bookkeeping software)

⦁ CBord, AdvancedMD, MediTouch, Care Cloud, etc. (Electronic Health Records)

⦁ C# C++, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript… (computer coding)

⦁ Salesforce

⦁ Tableau Software

⦁ Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator

⦁ Dreamweaver

⦁ Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. (operating systems)

Soft Skills: (Characteristics that define how you approach life and are quite difficult to prove)

⦁ Communication Skills

⦁ Leadership Skills

⦁ Adaptability and Flexible

⦁ Problem- Solving

⦁ Conflict Resolution

⦁ Decision- Making

⦁ Creativity

⦁ Teamwork

⦁ Time Management

⦁ Willingness to Learn

⦁ Work Ethic

⦁ Patient Care

⦁ Dependability

⦁ Reliability

⦁ Customer Service

⦁ Patience

⦁ Project Management

⦁ Emotional Intelligence

⦁ Positivity

⦁ Deliberative

⦁ Strategic

⦁ Analytical

Make sure to place a good amount, maybe 4-5 for each hard and soft skill. You don’t want to bombard this part with so many skills because in the following sections you must prove it to be true through the work you’ve done.


In this portion, you can put about 3-5 work related experiences and bullet about 3-4 responsibilities/ job descriptions that show off the skills you listed above. Google has the basic format of how to fill out the company’s info and right underneath it you want to make sure that whatever you choose to fill in are past tense action words. Never start your lines with “I…” Just go straight into the work you’ve done

Action Words Examples:

⦁ Maintained

⦁ Organized

⦁ Greeted

⦁ Advertised

⦁ Led

⦁ Handled

⦁ Responsible for…

There are so many to choose from. And if you get stuck, check out Powerful Verbs that will Make your Resume Awesome!

They break down the words into sections, explain what the group of words are used to showcase and they have so many words, you won’t have to repeat the same word twice!

Let’s say the job was so long ago and you just forgot what you did as a Retail Associate. Google, our good friend, has jobs posted on the daily with some of the duties for that specific job title. When you fill out the job duties, make sure you relate them to your skills that you mentioned above.

“What if I only had no job/one job ever? What do I put than?”

” What about the big gap I have between jobs.”

All employers look to see in a resume is that you are constantly growing as a person and being an active participant at work or within your community. If you’ve done community work, helped people in any way, put that in this section. I know staying humble is a good quality, but in your resume, GLOAT. If every Saturday’s you accompany an elderly, from your block, to the groceries store just because, put that. If every Thursday evenings, you go to your school’s library and help a classmate with Biology, put that. If Fridays you gather the boys from the hood to a game of ball, put that. These are things you do that may show a genuine, human side of you that employers would love to see. All you have to do is to make sure that you word your actions correctly using the website given above and list these things as volunteer work. I’ll show you how to use the examples above as experience with resume action verbs:

Volunteer Experience

ACCOMPANIED elderly neighbors in weekly groceries shopping, DELIVERED and ORGANIZED groceries and ADVISED in nutrition

DIRECTED after school study groups for Science and mathematics, PROVIDED effective study tools and emotional support

FACILITATED Friday nights Community Basketball games in St. Ann’s park to educate participants in benefits of exercise.

Education and References:

For this final section, you have your education and references. As you can see, Google already has the format done all you have to fill in the blanks.

Underneath Education, you can put in some of the things you did in school. Participated in Student Council, Keynote speaker for an after school program, composed weekly articles as lead journalist in your school’s newspaper, whatever it maybe, put it here. Add like 2-4 points here if you can. Education goes for High School, GED, College, Certificate Programs, After School Programs, anything in which you were able to learn something, get accredited certificates etc. Let’s say that you only have a highschool diploma and feel like you need to fill in the resume up a bit more, you can get certificates from an online site called This is an online platform that allows anyone anywhere to develop their skills for free, get awesome courses from leading experts and get certified for these skills learned. I’ll have a review up sometime soon. But I use it and it is awesome sauce. I already have a few certificates in Spanish, customer service and Speaking and Writing English Effectively. But if you are interested use this link down below so you can get 10% off your first certificate with Alison.

(P.S. certificates are not necessary to buy because they have online links that employers can used to see all your certification. But they do have the option to support their cause for free online education for all.)

In the reference section, you will need a total of 5 references to give to your employer. Make sure they are reliable and can speak good things on your behalf. There’s no point in putting references from your previous place of employment just to get 5 down, when you know for a fact that specific person will speak about your tardiness, or your inability to work well with others. The best thing you can do is write to your references ahead of time, asking if it is okay to use them as references and if they would kindly speak on certain aspects about you, which you would list off. I have a copy of an example reference letter given to me in my career building program which I will share with you guys. Feel free to use it words for word, or just take some for inspo. Just make sure it makes sense to who you are and what you are trying to communicate.

Writing a Resume with Stacey Gordon

Questions to Ask a Reference

Do you feel comfortable giving a positive review of my work as a [fill in type of work or position title]?

Will you be available for the next few weeks, and possibly for as long as six months?

What is the best phone number for a prospective employer to contact you?

When is the best time of day to reach you?

Are there days or times you will not be available due to vacation, jury duty, sabbatical, etc.?

Ways to Prepare Your Reference

• Confirm you have the current contact information from your references.

• Give your references a copy of your resume.

• If you give your references more than one resume, in red, state which type of position each specific resume is related to.

• Confirm the dates you worked with your references—they may not remember the specific months and years.

• Refresh their memory of what you did and how you worked together.

• Provide them with a list of your accomplishments.

• Give them updates. If you know someone will definitely call them, notify them. If there is a lull in interviewing activity, let them know that too. And, of course, let them know if you get hired. Thank your references for their help, whether they are contacted or not.

Writing a Resume with Stacey Gordon

Alright, I have covered the basics of it all. Hopefully you are able to use the resources given here to your advantage and potentially get employed in your dream job. Remember to always update your resume because you may never know when it will be needed. Make sure all the info given is correct, professional and like always, may Light, Love and God guide you through your journey.


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