by Elizabeth | 12:53 am

Introducing: Shadow Work

Often times, when I mention Shadow Work, people look at me a bit shookth, like: “sis, is you really talking right now about the Devil’s work?” Lol. But it has nothing to do with

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by Elizabeth | 5:30 pm

Empathic vs Empathetic

EMPATHY is understanding the idea of someone else’s thoughts and feelings… an Empath can flex all three forms of empathy naturally, but these forms of empathy can be felt mentally, emotionally or even physically.

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by Elizabeth | 12:12 am

Death: Why Does it Happen?

A group discussion has led me to write today’s article. I saw how much it affected one of my friends and she had a question that needed to be answered. I felt as though

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by Elizabeth | 12:01 am

Spiritual Cleanse: What I Did and It’s Effectiveness

During the month of June, my friend and I made the decision to go on a Spiritual cleanse. A Spiritual cleanse is basically trying to “clean” or remove any blocks that may hinder one

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by Elizabeth | 4:04 pm

What is Consciousness?

For centuries, scholars and scientists alike could not come to a conclusive definition for Consciousness. They generalize it as a state of being aware of yourself and surroundings, but even that isn’t satisfying enough.

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by Elizabeth | 2:16 am


Spirituality. It deals with putting focus on yourself instead of material or physical things. Putting the focus on yourself. Often times we let the outside world consume our very thoughts, emotions and beliefs. We feel

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