by Elizabeth Casanova | 11:31 pm

What is Gratitude and Why is it Effective?

Today’s society is constantly presented with everything that you could ever want, need and then some! With the hype of it all, a sense of entitlement is developed and we become ungrateful. We lose

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 11:28 pm

How To Make A Gratitude Jar | Easy and Effective

Just because Thanksgiving is over, It doesn’t mean we stop giving thanks. I find today’s tutorial to be very appropriate in helping you guys to start a tradition with gratitude jars. This jar will

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 6:12 pm

Easy Guide for Resume Building

In order to manifest the dream career you always wanted (especially after setting your intentions in your manifestation journals) you need to get your resume up to par! But alas! You are probably here

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 10:52 pm

3 Essential Strategies to Improve Journaling |(For Beginners & Everyone Else)

I previously made a post about Manifesting Journals where I gave a few tips and tricks, but never really went into depth on how to actually write journals and why journaling is Journaling

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 6:58 pm

Thank You for Leaving.

Today’s article was unfortunately inspired by a brokenhearted friend. She yet again experienced someone close to her leave out her life for what ever reason. My friend is special. I know for a fact

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 3:56 am

The Power of “NO”,

  In life, we are constantly asked yes or no questions. “Did you finish the spreadsheet that is due today?” “Do you wanna chill?” “You single?” These questions, for some reason, are often times

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 12:06 pm

“Oh the Places You’ll Go!” By Dr. Seuss

  Amazing how I feel such a connection with a children’s book! I received this in my last choir performance by my music teacher. I didn’t understand at that time what the book was

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 3:14 am

Vision Board

A vision board, a mood board, a 5-10 year diagram collage, what ever you call it, we shall make one today! As cheesy as this sounds, I am a huge Amber Scholl fan. She

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by Elizabeth Casanova | 3:06 pm

Manifestation Journal

A Manifesting Journal is used to help evaluate who you are, what you want to do in this life time and how to implement it. The difference between this and a regular degular diary

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