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I previously made a post about Manifesting Journals where I gave a few tips and tricks, but never really went into depth on how to actually write journals and why journaling is

Journaling proves to be beneficial, because it removes mental blocks, aids in understanding yourself as well as the people around you. It also helps alleviate stress since writing is a creative take on meditation. Anyone, from any walk of life can do this. May you be a full on newbie or intermediate with writers block, I got you covered with these 3 strategies to improve your journaling.

What We Need to Write

Setting the Mood

I know ya’ll looking at the materials list like: “Since when you needed candles and crystals to write?” It’s all about setting the mood to write. For my more spiritual beings, they tend to use the candles to cleanse the area from negativity and the crystals to help rejuvenate energy/ remove toxins that may cause mental blocks. Some of my other beings live a busy life and find writing time in public areas such as: a park or library. As for myself, I use my train ride, to and from my job, to write in my journal. Because this place is full of people, I need to listen to music. Many find listening to music to be not only relaxing, but helps promote focus. I’d suggest listening to binaural beats. On the subject of relaxation, find a way to invest five to ten minutes in meditation before writing. This promotes an ease of mind and allows free thought without limitations. A few breathing exercises will do just fine.

Before anything, you want to make sure that you have a journal you are really into. Find something small so you can carry it with you and maybe a journal with an inspirational title or quotes. Make it special so when it comes down to writing, your mind will associate the specific book, even then place you writing in, as writing time. Keep it consistent for mental association!

What the Heck to Write About?!

You’ve gathered your materials, set the mood, now what do we even begin to write about? This is the part where many get suck and begin to form limiting beliefs.

“What if I’m doing it wrong?”

“I can’t think of anything to write!”

“It’s too hard!!”

This is a result of overthinking. I am someone who knows overthinking all too well, LOL. I ran through so many books (now re purposed for other things) and thought so many times that I needed writing prompts to do it right. I ran online and searched to find out I was doing it right all along!!! So to save you the struggles, I’ve compiled a list of things you can write about.

Things to Write:

Make it a Habit

Consistency is key to getting all the benefits of journaling. I linked below a YouTube video from ASAPScience where it explains how to break a bad habit by creating a new one and the science behind it all. It won’t be easy and some days you might forget to write, just know it’s not the end of the world, you’re human, it happens. You just have to try again to make writing into a habit. It took me well over a year to actually form a routine.



As you can see, writing is an innovative way to gather your thoughts, as well as help with personal growth, when done often. The techniques presented to today: setting the mood, topics to write about, and repetition is for anyone who needs a foundation to start off on or for those moments when your brain is stuck. I hope ya’ll give writing a try, and like always: May Light, Love and God guide you through your journey.


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