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#Free Shadow Numbers Reading

Did you know that your date of birth and full birth name can disclose the deep secrets kept in the subconscious mind? Let me introduce Shadow Numbers, the more in-depth part of Numerology. To

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by Elizabeth | 12:53 am

Introducing: Shadow Work

Often times, when I mention Shadow Work, people look at me a bit shookth, like: “sis, is you really talking right now about the Devil’s work?” Lol. But it has nothing to do with

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by Elizabeth | 3:15 pm

Needed to Take a Hermit Break

Lol this was a post that I was supposed to put on my sight on July 16th, 2019 but never realized it never went up. I feel like everything happens for a reason though.

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Numerology: Birthday Number

On a technicality, this number is considered the least important number in your core chart, holding up to 10% of importance, but it tells you so much about your natural gifts (that you have

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by Elizabeth | 5:30 pm

Empathic vs Empathetic

EMPATHY is understanding the idea of someone else’s thoughts and feelings… an Empath can flex all three forms of empathy naturally, but these forms of empathy can be felt mentally, emotionally or even physically.

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Privacy Policy

Who We Are At, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that is not in the

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Numerology: Personality Number

The Personality Number showcases the characteristics that you give off and what others may see from you. This number doesn’t speak on who you really are, but rather the persona you give off to

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by Elizabeth | 11:31 pm

What is Gratitude and Why is it Effective?

Today’s society is constantly presented with everything that you could ever want, need and then some! With the hype of it all, a sense of entitlement is developed and we become ungrateful. We lose

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by Elizabeth | 11:28 pm

How To Make A Gratitude Jar | Easy and Effective

Just because Thanksgiving is over, It doesn’t mean we stop giving thanks. I find today’s tutorial to be very appropriate in helping you guys to start a tradition with gratitude jars. This jar will

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by Elizabeth | 12:32 pm

Expression (aka Destiny) Numbers| Calculate and Define

I’m back with another core number known as the Destiny or Expression number. If you haven’t read on the latest Numerology article for life path numbers, I suggest you check that out here ->

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