"I found home within me, let's find yours!"

Understanding these three things can help you find your passions, deal with life's trials and tribulations as well as create the life you always dreamed of.


Don't know what your life purpose is meant to be? Want to understand your strengths and weaknesses? Why not get connected with the Universe through numbers and find out how!


Learn to look within and see what an awesomely powerful light being you are!


Who says that dream job of yours can't become reality? Retrain your mind and put  your dreams into action for a future you've always wanted.

About House of Nova

First and for most, I want to thank you for taking the time out and checking out my site. As you can already see, House of Nova focuses on 3 key things that lead to success in personal development. They include: Numerology, Spirituality and Manifestation.

Why Numerology, Manifestation and Spirituality?

When anyone decide to find themselves, learn and nurture their strengths and weaknesses, or what they are meant to pursue in life, they tend to seek answers, obviously. That is where Numerology comes to play.

Using the Universe's language, aka Numbers, we can find out so many things like our life path, how we are perceived, what natural gifts we posses as well as or flaws. Once you have all that info, you need to make a plan and begin to create the future you've always dreamed of. It starts by practicing the art of Manifestation.

You have to actually do something in order for things to happen. I bet you have all heard the idea of "Dressing for Success," well Manifestation is very similar in that, you must be active and show the Universe that you want something for something to come your way. Creating action plans, daily journaling and creating affirmations are a few things you can do to begin the process in getting what you've always wanted.

Spirituality allows you to look within and help you become in sync with the universe by creating and maintaining vibes. Some days you may feel down, some days you are on a grand high, but all in all you really want to do is maintain peace. So you look into ways on creating Zen for yourself. Spirituality opens that  window of opportunity to create the vibes that you need in order for you to Create.

Thus House of Nova is Born!

I've been studying Numerology for about 3+ years (written in 2019) and as for Spirituality and Manifestation, I've delve into practicing it for now almost 2 years.

I am not proclaiming to be an expert, I didn't take classes or courses on any of these things, but I have incorporated it all into my life and seen a drastic change. I shared my findings with many of my friends, families, co-workers and they too have seen a change in how their lives had become.

Studying all these things, I learned that information that can better people's lives, shouldn't be with held or contained. Especially, it shouldn't be with held from my peoples from the BX. Here in the BX we don't have much resources on things like this. House of Nova isn't just solely focused on the Bronx, but I'd love to see some of my fellow Bronx people showing some love to Numerology, Manifestation and of course Spirituality.

So I encourage all walks of life to come in, take a look, comment and share what you like/don't like here at House of Nova. Let's create a discussion and spread the word. <3


***Also you are probably wondering why the name "House of Nova", right? Its a play on word to my last name: Casanova 😉

May Light, Love and God/Universe guide you in your journey.